Insider Threats

Insider threats refer to security risks that come from within an organization, such as employees, contractors, or partners, who have authorized access to the organization's systems, networks, or data. Insider threats can take many forms and can be accidental or intentional. They can also be difficult to detect and prevent, as insiders often have legitimate access to sensitive information and systems.

Subfields of Insider Threats

Insider Threats and Cybersecurity

Insider threats are a significant concern for cybersecurity, as they can result in data breaches, intellectual property theft, financial loss, and damage to reputation. Organizations must take steps to mitigate the risk of insider threats, including:

By taking these measures, organizations can reduce the risk of insider threats and better protect their sensitive information and systems.

Insider Threat Detection Software and Hardware

There are various software and hardware solutions available to help organizations monitor and detect insider threats: